Hosted web store solution with T-POS/BP2K integration

JS-WebStore offers single and multi traditional stores a hosted online web-store that flawlessly integrates with your JS Back End system. This ensures that web prices and online sales information are in synch with the JS database. JS-WebStore uses the ‘click-and-collect’ model based on the ‘basket and checkout’ workflow which is common on e-commerce sites throughout the internet. This simple and familiar method means that customers can easily use the site with little or no instructions. 
JS-WebStore is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Each store has a unique, branded sub-domain.

Participating grocers don’t need any technical knowledge and don’t have to worry about hosting related matters like security certificates, performance, uptime, databases etc. The hosted service ensures a seamless integration with T-POS/BP2K so that online prices and products are in sync with in-store prices.  

For more information or to schedule a consult call, please contact JS during business hours at 866 828-4300 or get in touch via our contact form.

Main Features

  • Webstore with an unlimited number of products offering click-and-collect or delivery
  • Automated procedures for daily product- and prizing synchronization
  • Customised Prestashop Shopping platform
  • Payment online or upon collection/delivery
  • Full control over product information, categorisation and online promotions
  • Hosting of web store which includes MySQL database, daily backups, SSL certification and synchronization scripts
  • Branded design using the stores name, logo and colour scheme
  • Hosted on separate sub-domain
  • CMS for static web pages
  • FAQ-pages, fully managed by the store
  • Back-end for managing orders and communicating with customers
  • E-mail notification system
  • Build-in statistics and reports

Optional features

  • Customizable product delivery module for grocers offering delivery
  • Interac integration (Moneris only at this moment)
  • SMS-notification system (notifies the store admin when an order comes in, notifies the customer when an order is ready for pick-up)
  • 3rd party payment gateway integration

What hardware do I need?

None. JS-WebStore is a hosted solution, just like a normal web site - you won’t need servers, routers, firewalls, anti-virus software or employ a web developer.
We install and run your store at our secure and reliable web server. Once you’ve purchased JS-WebStore you simply pay a nominal quarterly fee for as long as you want to keep the web store online.

Do I need to have a web site already?

No - you do not need a web site already.

If you have a website already, you can simply link to the J-Web site by providing a ‘shop online’ link. If you don’t have a website, J-Web can become your main site by adding a few extra pages (e.g. About us, Opening hours, Directions etc.).

Do I need to have a web designer or have some web knowledge?

No - J-Web is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that is simple to maintain with no HTML, CSS, AJAX or any other web design experience required. It comes with a branded theme (using your logo and color schemes). You can easily manage products and orders from the back-end. You can also edit the content of some static pages like terms and conditions pages. J-Web provides training before you go live with your website.

Is the store ready for mobile shopping?

Yes- the design is responsive meaning that the web-store will adapt to different screen sizes. It will run on almost any device including PC, Mac, Android and Apple mobiles. Customers can access the site using any modern web browser that supports JavaScript including: Internet Explorer9+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Can I use my existing domain name?

J-WEB requires a separate sub-domain for security purposes and to make sure that the store files and functions are maintained by qualified staff. J-Web comes on with a sub domain. If you want to use your own domain name for marketing purposes, then you would have to ask your current domain provider to point your sub domain to the server with the J-Web store. 

How does the JS-synchronization work?

Upon launch of the web store, JS imports all products that are flagged for web sales and maps these products with the standard categories, based on JS-departments or optional web categories. This is a one-time procedure to get a base product catalog. Once imported, the web administrator can manage products and categories from the store back-end.
After the initial import of products, a nightly synchronization procedure will run which adds/removes products and adjust prices. Products that are no longer flagged as web items will automatically be removed from the web store. New products are added but need to be activated by the web administrator. This gives the administrator the opportunity to add/change descriptions, image(s) and categories before the product goes live. The administrator will receive a daily email with an overview of new web-products.
JS also runs a nightly sales export procedure, which exports web sales information and stores this information into JS.

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